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One In A Million

T/M: E. Waldner 2008


A summer vacation trip to the Mediterranean

blue skies over the Aegean Sea

The weather was fine but things weren't that fine

concerning the two of us: my woman and me

Oh the chances are one in a million, I esteemed

that we would stay as close as we once dreamed


We camped on this beach in the south of the island

at the base of a mighty mountain wall

looked up and remembered the shepherd's warning

that sometimes a rock might come loose and fall

‹But the chances are one in a million,› he said

‹so don't be afraid, just go ahead›


I stayed outside the tent for a long time

and watched shooting stars crossing the sky

I ain't supersticious but my wishes were true:

that we'd stay together, my woman and I

But the chances are one in a million, I thought

that the odds aren't against us, isn't that odd?


The rock face stayed quiet, only pebbles rained down

the smell and the sounds of the sea filled the air

I looked at her face in the early dawn

and thought it felt good that she was still there

If the chances are one in a million, I resumed

it's better to try than to think our love is doomed











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